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  • Email to convert documents

    If you want to convert your Microsoft Word, Excel or PowerPoint files into PDF, just email them to But there’s more: to convert from Microsoft Word or Visio to PDF file to convert from PDF to Word or RTF file to convert from WAV to MP3 format to convert from…

  • AVG free AntiVirus up to v8

    The very good anti-virus software got a little better with version 8. But the free version (which made it so popular) is not yet available. For now, you’ll have to stick to the excellent v7.5.

  • This year wishes come from scammers, too

    Visibly, in 2008, scammers and spammers start early: The sheer number of emailed wish cards seems to have increased to very high levels. Only one advice: If you receive a “best wishes” electronic card from somebody that you don’t know, don’t even spend time (and computer security) checking it. It’s most probably a mean to…

  • Did you backup?

    A backup, this is nearly nothing. But it can help you, it can save you, when disaster will strike. Since when didn’t you backup? Some ideas: Remember to copy the contents of your Flash memory card (even more if you store a lot of JPEG images on your big Flash card) Copy the data files…

  • Print all the world’s SPAM

    Print all the world’s SPAM

    In 1998, Nick Philip created an art installation willing to show the real volume of SPAM. An email address on forwards all SPAM it receives to fax machines that print it all.

  • Re-installation of Pegasus mail

    Re-installation of Pegasus mail

    When you’re an old user of Pegasus mail like I am, you see no reason to loose your old and faithful configuration when moving from one old PC to a newer one as I just did. But this kind of migration does not seem to be an option in the installation. However, following these instructions…