The most stunning photos of hummingbirds

Greg Scott is really an impressive wild life photographer. His images of hummingbirds are simply astounding: clear, detailed, nicely framed and showing the bird in the most surprising positions. I bow to this master! Sources: Greg Scott photo gallery, Greg Scott web site.

Shock photos from planet Mars

The Hirise exploration vessel from NASA arrived near planet MArs last September. Able to shoot photos from the red planet at an amazing resolution (around 1 meter per pixel), Hirise sends us back some really astounding images. Some of them bring the memory of the great images of Y.Arthus-Bertrand in his Earth seen from the… Read More

Yann Arthus Bertrand has a page on Flickr

The famous photographer of “Earth seen from the Sky” now has a page on Flickr. What is happening here? While he is still very attentive to the management of his photographer’s rights and of his fame, Yann Arthus Bertrand would have fallen into a liberated open publishing media? Of course, not. This is just an… Read More

Martin Forget, natural photos

Martin Forget has a photographic eye I envy. His animal and natural wildlife photos are simply delicious, vivid, surprising like this one: You will certainnly want to stop by his web site. But if you only have a minute, I invite you to a shortcut to his images on and you will see that… Read More


After a previous hommage to the classic form of spiral, I wanted to honor stripes. They easily provide a nice basis for photographic composition (often bordering on optical illusion) and they are an excellent inspiration for the abstract artist hidden in most photographer’s hearts. by brokenchopstick by Eggz by darkmatter by s2art by miskan by… Read More