Download free public domain music

Musopen is a community driven, online music repository started by a music and economics college student named Aaron Dunn.

This site takes music that is in the public domain, meaning a work that belongs to the community, and has it recorded by individuals and college/community orchestras throughout the United States and stored online so it can be accessed for free download through this website.

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  1. This collection is a must for any classic Sonic fan. The series is packed into two nice looking DVDs. Both DVDs are region-less and encryption-less so you don’t need to worry about compatibly with your DVD drive. This was a very smart move as it has made my viewing experience easy and painless.

    The kid in me was jumping for joy the day it turned up, and hasn’t managed to remove the smile from his face since. This is the only good Sonic cartoon series out there. If you had to choose, wether it be Sonic Underground, Sonic X or Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog – this one is the one to go for.

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