DRM: EMI says No, Warner says Yes

The music industry is a large ship that moves slowly. But when they saw the arrival of the Internet, most of this industry decided to jump onto technical measures to close and protect the music they produce in order to protect their rights: Hence the Digital Rights Management (DRM). Today, things did not really change, but they could.

Two informations of today:

  • Warner is loosing money (benefits reduced by 74% in the last quarter of 2006). Its CEO commenting on the recent call by Steve Jobs for dropping DRM, said that they do not intend to stop DRM. Ever. [1]
  • According to the Wall Street Journal, EMI would be talking to music distributors about the possibility of removing all copy protections while publishing electronically the largest part of its catalogue. Since EMI was also the company that actually tried distribution without DRM in the recent months, they may have learned that it’s what the consumers want in order to by music online. [2]

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