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OK, I know that I don’t have TV because I don’t want to be continuously force-fed with mindless junk. However, plenty of people would like to be able to have their TV on the Internet. Up to now, you were mostly depending on your ISP and possibly some subscription additional to your basic broadband Internet package.

Here come FreeTube, ChannelChooser, Hiveproductions, Tape it Off The Internet, Streamick, TV-links, PPStream, ABC,, PeekVid, PPlive, TV-Video, TVU Player, allowing you to watch TV online for free without the need for any special software, hardware or subscription service. Better than cable televison.

You simply need the (quite usual) Apple QuickTime plugin on your web browser.

Even more freely available TV channels on:

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  1. There are a lot of new internet tv sites out there. most of them offer a free trial or preview and then they make you pay to sign up, or are cluttered with ads. pfft. i think that is ridiculous… so ive done my research and have found a couple of really decent sites. The first one Id like to draw your attention to is ( This site has almost 1000 channels from around the globe. it is free to register and they dont ask for stupid minute details, just your username and email address. pretty fair hey? So this site actually streams live channels so you dont have to download any and they have a pretty easy way of finding the channel you want. you can search through genre, country, region or name of the channel. oh and there are no ads either. check this one out, it will be big. I’ll be back with the rest of my internet tv search results asap.
    But for now, get watching

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