Servers seized by police

The Pirate BayThe world biggest indexation site for BitTorrent contents,, would consider itself totally immune from actions from copyright holders associations (like the American RIAA and MPAA) because of its geographical location in Sweeden. As a matter of fact, in this Scandinavian country indexing contents (showing where to find them and not providing them by yourself) seems to be fully exempt from risk of being accused of data pirate activity. There were years that the owners of this web site were even having fun at the menacing, and often barely legal, letters they received from many people and companies.

Today, in the morning, the Swedish police raided the place and the server host of and seized all computers. The web site is no longer accessible while police is investigating whether or not they contain objectionable or illegal data (illegal according to the Swedish law). For now, nobody is really sure of the outcome, even the police did not want to take any position, and some local lawyers think that should come out clean.

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  1. May 31, 2006 at 16:01

    The site started up again this afternoon. With only a signle page of comments/explanations, as could be expected.


  2. May 31, 2006 at 19:10

    The PiratPartiet Swedish party gives also more details.

    Swedish police has today taken all the servers of ThePirateBay into custody. Two operators of ThePirateBay are in police custody and cannot be reached.

    Police chose to act so despite the fact that the services provided by the world’s largest BitTorrent tracker are fully legal in Sweden. The servers were located in a closed building, to which the police had no legal right to enter, but this fact was ignored. PiratbyrĂ„n (the Pirate Bureau), a Swedish pro-pirate lobbying organisation, also had their servers seized, since they where located in the same room.

  3. May 31, 2006 at 19:13

    The web site of PiratPartiet seems to be suffering an enormous load and is going down and up and down while trying to cope with the world’s attention.

  4. May 31, 2006 at 19:24

    According to a Swedish newspaper, there were 3 arrests, not 2.,2789,834356,00.html

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